Louis Unni

Secretary General, SFS MUN-B 2019

Letter from the Secretary general:
Respected Delegates, As the Secretary General, it is with immense joy that I humbly invite you, to the 1 st edition of the Model United Nations Conference hosted by St. Francis High School, Bengaluru. Being held from the 5th, 6th and 7th of July, the conference is a convergence of debates - of both national and international significance. This year the Secretariat has decided to simulate five committees at the conference. Ignorance of history often makes people repeat the same mistakes and to that extent we have the League of Nations. The geo-political and economic scenario around the world has been changing sporadically and collateral damage in terms of life and property has increased due to the onset of various power factions. Large sections of people have been displaced and hoards of illegal activities have surfaced. The Secretariat’s decision to convene sessions of the United Nations Human Rights Council, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, the Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change and the Disarmament and International Security Council, go hand-in-hand with the present context. Not to mention, with the United Nations Security Council to bind them all, the conventional and unconventional platforms the conference offers, aims at creating an environment conducive for learning. At the outset I would like to extend a warm welcome to all the first-time MUNners on behalf of the MUNning fraternity in Bangalore and hope that this marks a new beginning in your lives. To the oldtimers and seasoned campaigners, welcome back. I’m banking on your professionalism and high ethical conduct to serve as examples during the committee proceedings. For those of you who have undertaken organizing roles in your respective institutions, you must be aware of the amount of work and preparation that goes into making an event a success. Having worked closely with the very well efficient Organising Committee of SFSMUNB, I can personally vouch for the level of perfection and quality the organizing team strives to achieve. The distinguishing factor of an eminent diplomat is his or her ability to effectively empathize with the situation at hand. It is only when we see from the eyes of another, listen with ears of another and feel with the heart of another that we are able to form policies and frameworks that transcend borders. Hoping to see you at the conference.
Yours sincerely,
Louis Unni,
Secretary General.


Nikhil Anand

Head of the International Press

"You need to know something about everything and everything about something, that's law for you."

As an aspiring lawyer, this individual has constantly endeavored to constantly evolve and nurture himself in law, debate and rhetoric. He's been part of the circuit for over 3 years with over 16 MUN's of experience as a delegate. He's won accolades at several conferences including NLSMUN, CMSMUN, HMUN, CJC MUN, COMUN and much more. He's passionate about international law and diplomacy and loves to constantly educate himself on how it works and evolves. He's chaired over 10 conferences around Bangalore and won multiple state level debates till date. He loves to dwell into murder, thrillers and the occasional behavioral psychology books. He's pursuing his diploma in piano and is passionate about football.

He's known to be one of the most avid fans of the Crisis Committee having himself participated in over 10 of them.


Zain Shariff

Co-Chairperson, UNSC

A seasoned MUNer with an experience of more than 35 MUNs, Zain is an excellent
delegate and with vast knowledge of International Law and a strong believer in foreign policies. He is enthusiastically looking forward to a disciplined and action packed SC at SFSMUNB.


Aravind Y Belur

Co-Chairperson, UNSC

Always eager to think, thrive and deliberate on everything under the sun, Aravind Y Belur, is the meeting ground of experience and enthusiasm.
With conferences in the throughout India under his belt, Aravind is a fierce speaker and an adept diplomat. He is sure to bring in a plethora of experience and knowledge to the fore whilst championing learning as the premium outcome of every conference.


Arav Kathpalia

Vice-Chairperson, UNSC

Delegates of the UNSC, be prepared to have the time of your lives. Having a taste for Cultural fests like JAMing and being ambitious during MUNs, is only a part of his life.
Often underestimates, he has been through many Humanitarian, Economical, Military and Environmental committees having a field of vision for every conference.
Having many accolades in prestigious MUNs like SJBHSMUN, TISB and so on.


Gunav Menon

 Chairperson, DISEC

Opinionated and never hesitant to elucidate his point of view, Gunav is as firm as he is considerate. An experienced MUNner with an impressive placement record to say the least, awards to his name include the likes of the Best Delegate Award at HMUN 2018 and accolades from MUNs such as TISBMUN. With a penchant for fast-paced committees and skilled at handling situations that would put even the most seasoned MUNners in uncomfortable positions, Gunav enjoys challenges and is adept at using diplomatic approaches to tackle even the most unnerving predicaments. 
Apart from MUN, Gunav is an avid debater and a passionate lover of Motorsport. Gunav has represented India in Sri Lanka at the Motorcross Championships twice. His perfervid appreciation for sport and speed is what among other things, Gunav is known for.


 Sarah Jose

 Vice-Chairperson, DISEC

It is often said that if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. A firm believer in this, this versatile individual, though new to the circuit, has left a resounding impact at every conference she's attended through her charming yet assertive speeches coupled with effortless lobbying.


 Shreya GR

Moderator, DISEC

"They do not demand for success, they work for it"
Shreya and Vishnupriya have unique diplomatic approaches to current world concerns.
These girls are elite speakers who are invincible and passionate and whose oratory skills can leave you in awe!

Introducing your moderators for DISEC, Shreya GR and Vishnupriya MV.


Vishnupriya MV

Moderator, DISEC


Harish S. Kumar

Chairperson, UNHRC

This individual stands out from the rest not because of his condescending nature of dominance but because of his subtle nature of making you feel important and then beating you at your own game. In the process, he will surely leave you in awe and show you that there's always something more than research required for a delegate.
With an experience of more than 3 years in the Bengaluru MUNning circuit, he has collected laurels from many prestigious MUN conferences and holds a distinguished record of 100% placement for the last two years. He has also been a part of the Executive Board for a number of MUN conferences and believes that logic, common sense and analytical skills are the essentials for a delegate, other than research.
Other than MUNs and debates, he also has immense passion in music, and by music he strictly means Heavy Metal.


Srivatsav R

Vice-Chairperson, UNHRC

Srivatsav has a unique skill set which sets him apart from other delegates although he has the 
upper hand in lobbying skills however what lets him rise above ordinary is his that he is equally 
good in all aspects of an MUN. He specializes in GA’s and Humanitarian committees. He also has the ability to come up with out of the box solutions to International problems. He is currently in the 12th grade and is studying Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Economics at DPS East.


 Sahana Shiva

Moderator, UNHRC

Bubbling passion, an inquisitive mind, ambition and the guts to dream big. That’s Sahana Shiva for you. With a keen sense on how to get the job done in an efficient way, she’s going to make sure every second counts.
With a funny sense of humour and a unbridled love for the beautiful things in life, Sahana enjoys the intricacies that the little things have to offer. 


Andrea Hsiao

Co-Chairperson, UNODC

Quiet yet Assertive, Outspoken yet Diplomatic, this EB member has the capability of leaving everyone in the audience dumbfounded. Racking awards at breakneck speed, she has left a mark in the circuit having won awards at numerous conferences such as Harvard MUN, Cottons MUN and SJBHSMUN. 
Having served on quite a few Executive Boards, she enjoys a smart and fast-paced committee but is no stranger to novice committees. 
Apart from MUNs, she is an avid reader who enjoys poetry on the side. Delegates, you may be assured that with her presence, the committee will be filled charisma, energy and fruitful debate.


Vedanth Bhargavasa

Vice-Chairperson, UNODC

 Engaging in just about any conversation with this Executive Board member will make you recognize his persuasive nature. His passive-aggressive arguments, coupled with his versatile personality enhance his adaptability to every type of committee, which is proven by his accolades in crisis committees, GAs, Regional committees and SCs at conferences like CoMUN, CHSMUN, and even Harvard Model United Nations India. He has also been a part of the Executive Board at prestigious conferences like SJBHSMUN and South India MUN. Any scouser in committee make yourself known, for you will surely recieve brownie points!


Saqlain Kazi


An excellent munner who leaves a mark wherever he goes, this practicing stand up comedian will leave you all awed!
His skills include debating, public speaking, general quizzes and not so occasional comedy. His words are inspirational and he often searches for success and knowledge. Being an alumni he upholds our motto at all times.


Alden D'Souza

 Chairperson, IPCC

An exemplary diplomat, this EB member not only builds bridges rather than walls but has also learnt to wield the power of words tactfully. 
They say the art of restraining power is one that proves itself difficult to master but he makes it seem like child's play. 
With accolades from MUNs such as CJCMUN, CHSMUN and TISBMUN, he is not only well-versed with a plethora of subjects but also makes a formidable opponent.
Easy to underestimate and difficult to argue with, this EB member is probably the most enigmatic, jovial and cordial member of the Bangalore circuit who is bound to enhance any conference by his presence and approachability. 


Niya Shameer

Vice-Chairperson, IPCC

Wit. Tact. Confidence. 
These are the attributes that this individual embodies. Having started MUNs in 10th grade, her ability to communicate her knowledge as rhetoric statements and her sense of conviction has made her leave a mark in every conference she's been to.
Specialising in General Assemblies, this individual believes that more than research the delegates must be equipped with logic and a sense of spontaneity to turn the tables their way. For an extrovert she is, lobbying is something she'd keenly look into.
Other than MUNs, she's an avid reader, singer and a tech enthusiast. Innuendos of Dan Brown and Elon Musk will surely catch her sight for cookie points. 
Don't let her innocent demeanor fool you delegates, for she's an ambient bullet making her way. 


Manuel Karan Noronha

Moderator, IPCC

​A staunch believer in the fact that nothing is impossible, Manuel strives to achieve perfection in all that he does. When getting a job done, he ensures no stone is left unturned.
A vivid orator, he captures the attention of even the largest crowds almost effortlessly. Having served as School Captain for a year, his dynamic leadership skills have shone through. 
Apart from attending MUNs and debates, he has a deep love for football, dogs, DC and Marvel. He also loves puns more than Jake Peralta does.


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