Rev.Bro.Antony D. Vayalil

Message from the Principal

Dear Delegates,

With great pleasure I invite all of you to be part of Model United Nation Edition I of St Francis School.

SFSMUNB, powerful event inaugurated in the academic year 2018-19. From an insightful concept, it has developed to a memorable conference. Personally, I am extremely proud of this tradition where students take a step back from the utopian bubble they are brought up in and look at real problems the world faces.

We are witnessing humanity ruining itself with terrorism, corruption and environmental degradation. Our leaders blinded by ignorance and greed, our only hope for a bright future, for a fresh start lies in the hands of the youth. Properly nurtured these young minds will grow up to initiate and implement the modifications our society so desperately requires.

Shrouded by the dark clouds of extremism, unrest and hunger we as a race are fighting for mere survival, scraping the bottom for the slightest glimmer of hope. But if we fight as one, with all our strength, with all our moral authority, the dark clouds of uncertainty will part and the bright light of optimism will light our path to a better future. 

The knowledge that student learn in the class is not enough to create a tough individual where every student are dreamed of in the real world.

Model United nation motivates students to learn and teaches them about world issues. It is a way to become an active, more concerned global citizen, while in this era of globalization, being globally aware is more important than ever. Further MUN builds confidence and leadership and diplomatic skills.

Once again welcome you to be a part of this great event. Hope to see you all in big number on 5th July at St. Francis School.

Bro. Antony D Vayalil, CMSF



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